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July Update

Congrats to Brian Collings and Arun Kumar for finishing in the last few weeks. Christian Hottas is still leading the leaders doing the Training run 2nd lap and Don Lookingbill is leading the runners with the First lap.

www.ultraoz.50megs.com/combinedprogress.htm   for the overall standings. Ive also added some new links for some of the locations and would welcome any additional links to add to the chart and make it more interesting.

I have  added a distances chart  for the route around the country.

Go to Aust-Library-Maps and TravelMate to help plot your course around Australia. I will have a spread sheet on the email list web site soon that will have the distances between the towns.

Keep running and keep walking. See you next month.

  May Update

Congratulations to Eric Poulsen for finishing in the last few weeks. That leaves only 30 people left out on the road, but we may attract some extra interest from the Virtual Canada race. Ryne Melcher has joined us.  Christian Hottas is leading those Hardy Souls doing a second lap with 17, 152kms.  Arun Kumar Bhardwaij is the Leader with the Yellow Jersey and has completed 13,139kms. Arun recently completed his second 6-day race in 6 months.

Im really looking forward to the future of this race.  Neil Harvey from http://virtualraces.org/ has offered his services to us. This is now on the web, so have a look and see your location on the map!

  3 Apr 03

Congratulations to George Audley for finishing his run around Aust. George finished late March.   He has now done an aobut turn and heading back around again!  I will fix the race progress sheet next month!

March 03

Wow. A lot has really happened in the last two months.   Congratulations to Sigrid Eichner and Anne Fuller on finishing the race  on 24th/25th February respectively.  Sigrid has now started a second lap, whilst Anne has called it a day. Well done to both of you.

Christian Hottas continues his great strides around Australia for the second time. He is now covered 16,289km and is 105km east of Eucla. Well done Christian.

The current leader with the yellow Jersey is George Audley. George has only 36km to go until he crosses the finish line in Melbourne.

4th Feb 03

A big congratulations to Kelvin Marshall who today finished his run around Australia. Well done Kelvin. He now passes the yellow jersey onto Sigrid Eichner from Germany.

  30th January 03

Kelvin Marshall can now see the smoke haze of Melbourne and is ony 40km short of the GPO… Well done Kelvin. I forgot to mention last month that Christian Hottas has done an about turn and has started a second lap. He is already back near Port Pirie. Here are the leaders out on the course.

Have fun and come back.

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